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It's Time To Refresh Your Car Insurance

In a life of many changes, insurance is a constant. Chances are you'll have Auto Insurance specifically for more than 50 years. In fact, over a lifetime, it's very possible you will spend around $100,000 in insurance premiums alone.

Only an expert can help you spend that kind of money, shrewdly. In insurance speak this means that you might want to consider allowing a savvy insurance pro to guide you to the best protection for the best dollar value every year you buy automobile coverage. Contact Alpine Insurance & Financial Inc in Calgary, AB to show you how we can help.

Consider the following facts:

  • Alberta Insurance SpecalistsIf you buy a car that's older than 10 years, your insurance company will require an inspection. Why? Our experts can explain the answer for you.
  • If you buy a new car, the moment you exit the dealership your vehicle will be worth 20% to 25% less. So, if you paid $25,000 for the car, it's worth $18,750 when you leave the lot. You might owe more than that on it! Once again, the experts at Alpine Insurance & Financial Inc can help you make the best of your situation.

Some additional points that could effect your insurance needs and options include:

  • Adding a teen driver
  • A child going off to the university
  • Discounts are available for a variety of other life changes

If any of these auto vehicle situations become a part of your Alberta Car Insurance picture, talk to the insurance veterans at Alpine Insurance & Financial Inc. You'll receive a total review of your Automobile Insurance policy and understand if it fits your current needs. If so, we'll tell you. If not, we'll provide you with thoughtful options.

Your Dedicated Professionals!

With brokers throughout the Province, over 70% of our staff have proudly been in the business of serving Albertans for 10 years or more. We'll make sure you spend every dime of your insurance premium wisely.

We are also a strong independent brokerage. In fact, we represent 4 of the top 5 insurance companies in Western Canada in order to provide the most comprehensive customized insurance coverage to all of our clients.

We offer great options for Calgary Automobile Insurance, Edmonton Auto Insurance, Canmore Car Insurance and Automobile Insurance in Red Deer! Complete our free quote form above, and let's talk about protecting you and your family.