Business Insurance

As you know, the economy in Alberta is among the strongest in Canada. Fueled by the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor, we also have the one of most free economies in the world.

When you’re insuring your business you want to maintain that freedom. To do so, use the professional insurance counsel at Alpine Insurance. We’re Alberta’s full service insurance brokerage. Over 70% of Alpine’s staff have proudly been in the business of serving Albertan’s for 10 years or more.  You can take advantage of every minute of it when you need advice on commercial insurance.

It’s A Customized World

The world is getting more and more customized. That makes sense because what works in one business vertical may not in another. For example, liability exposure tends to be much higher in a nightclub than in a florist. So, you, as a savvy business owner, know you have to select your coverages, deductibles and policy limits shrewdly. You need to be fully protected with every premium dollar.

Areas of your business insurance to regularly examine with your trusted insurance advisor include:

  • Business Income- Try to avoid what occurred to one business owner we heard about. His establishment burned down. As per his policy, his insurance company promptly reimbursed him for his damaged building and equipment. However, he neglected to purchase business income insurance. So, during the weeks it took to reopen his business he had no income and eventually lost everything.
  • Commercial General Liability Limits- Are your limits high enough? Make sure your limits equal and even exceed your peace of mind.
  • Deductibles- Help keep your premiums low but put thoughtful care about how much you can afford to pay out in the event of a loss.

It’s time for Customized Insurance

One of the reasons Alpine Insurance represents 4 of the top 5 insurance companies in Western Canada is so that we can work together and come up with exactly the right protection for you.

We specialize in protecting you and what you have worked for against a host of different commercial and business risks.  No matter what kind of business you operate, we can bring you peace of mind with the right coverage at the best available price.

Complete the quote information and let’s set up a time to talk about your business insurance.