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Condo Insurance

Condominium Owners Have Unique Insurance Needs

Unlike home insurance, you have more than one policy to consider when purchasing insurance for your condominium unit.  The Condominium Association or Corporation will have one policy that covers the building itself, but your personal assets are not covered by this master policy.  An individual condominium policy is necessary to cover your personal belongings, upgrades made to your unit and other unexpected circumstances.

Protecting your belongings isn’t the only reason to choose condo insurance.  Personal liability protection is included on all personal condominium policies.  The risk of accidental damage is increased by the simple fact that your neighbors live so close together in a condo complex.  For example, if you live in a top floor unit and your sink overflows, resulting in damage to a neighbor’s ceiling and carpet, your property insurance will pay for repairs or replacement.  And, don’t forget personal liability protection which is in your condo policy and covers you anywhere in the world.

Talk to a Trusted Advisor at Alpine Insurance

 Determining your individual risk in a condominium can be complicated.  Save time and money by letting us answer these questions for you?  

  • Do you have any insurance gaps between your policies?
  • Are you overpaying for unnecessary insurance covered by the Condo Association?
  • Can you protect yourself financially against any special loss assessments incurred by my Condo Association?*
  • If you are on the Board of the Condo Association, should you get extra Liability Insurance for you?

Whether you live in a big city like Edmonton or Calgary or smaller cities like Lethbridge or Red Deer, condo insurance can be very affordable.  Complete the Alberta Condo Protection Form today and let us tailor a policy for your individual needs.  

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* Specific circumstances apply