Renters Insurance

I Thought the Landlord’s Policy Took Care of That

If you were thinking that the landlord’s policy covered the building and the common grounds, yes. But, what would happened if the outside wall was damaged and that damage caused your inside wall to topple a bookcase and shatter a glass coffee table?

Or if you took a week’s holiday and came back to discover your TV, microwave, and other small appliances missing or vandalized?

Or, what if someone broke their arm after a fall on the wet floor in your bathroom and sued you for medical expenses?

You’re responsible for your personal property and liability, not your landlord. Protect your things now, fill out the quote form above to get the best Alberta Renters Insurance.

Your Possessions

When you think about what you have accumulated in life, it may not seem like much. Maybe you have a TV or two, a stereo, a bike, a variety of small appliances, some furniture and a bed.

However, they are yours. And maybe, technically, their worth is south of their peek monetary value. The way to look at it is, how much would it cost to replace everything—your TV, bed, couch, dining room set, etc. Now, that could take a big bite out of your savings.

That’s why it’s worth paying the small expense of renters insurance.  

Over 320 Years of Insurance Experience

At Alpine Insurance, you will be speaking to professionals who have a combined experience of over 320 years working in the insurance business. That’s a lot of insurance policies, coverages and coverage limits to know about!

In addition, Alpine Insurance is an independent brokerage. In our case, that means we represent 21 insurance companies and service all of Alberta. We do all the work of obtaining the best policy for you from our different insurance carriers.

So, provide the information needed for a no-obligation quote on Alberta rental insurance. After that, we can further discuss your needs and provide you with the affordability, security and peace of mind Calgary renters insurance will bring you.