RV Insurance

Freedom of the Road, Freedom by Insurance

We know you love freedom, you bought an RV! 

But have you considered your RV insurance—the limits of it, what it actually covers and just as important, in what location does it cover you?

Consider this:

  • While you’re pleasantly ensconced at an RV resort, RV parked and you sitting in a lawn chair a few feet away, an eight year old boy, riding a Gazelle Kids bike, smashes into your RV. Going too fast, he couldn’t stop in time. He sprained his arm and ankle but otherwise the lad is ok. 
     Did you know you could be held liable for that mishap?
  • You’re planning a spring RV cruise which will take you to Mexico. Most RV policies will cover your travels in the U.S. However, most RV policies do not extend coverage while you’re travelling in Mexico. How do you handle that?

In situations like this you want to access the sage counsel of an authentic insurance professional. One who sees what you don’t see, one who anticipates what you can’t and one that says “your coverage is our only policy". Call Alpine Insurance to secure your freedom by insurance for your RV.

 The Dedicated Professionals!

At Alpine Insurance in Alberta, close to 70% of Alpine’s staff have 10 years of experience or more. That’s a lot of policies, coverages and limits. That’s also the mark of a business where the staff knows RV insurance. 

In addition, Alpine is a strong independent brokerage operating in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge and Canmore. In fact, we represent several insurance companies in order to provide the customized insurance coverage to all of our Alberta RV insurance clients. 

Complete the quote form on this page. Then let’s talk about protecting you and your RV.